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November 17, 2019 Click here

Schedule of Services

November 17, 22nd Sunday after Pentecost
Divine Liturgy at 10.00 a.m

November 21, Archangel Michael
Divine Liturgy at 9.30 a.m

November 24, 23rd Sunday after Pentecost
Divine Liturgy at 10.00 a.m


BROTHERHOOD MISERICORDIA CHRISTIANA: Annual Meeting on Sunday, December 1st, 2019, in the church hall following the Divine Liturgy. New members are welcome.

ZAPUSTY: Sunday, November 24th, 2019. Everyone is invited to come down to the church hall after Liturgy to take part in the celebration which marks the beginning of Advent. Lunch $15. Fun to be had for all.

PANAKHYDA – HOLODOMOR-GENOCIDE 1932-33: Sunday, November 24th, 2019, following the Divine Liturgy.  


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BILINGUAL SERVICE: on the first Sunday of every month after the Ukrainian Liturgy there will be a second service in two languges English and Franch. Thus only on this day our regular Service will begin at 9:30 a.m. On all other Sundays the Service will begin at 10:00 a.m. as usual. The Noon Day Service will start at 11:00 a.m. Our first Service will begin on October 6, 2019. If you are interested in attending, do please let Fr. Volodymyr know: 514-947-2235, or call the Parish Council Chair Simon Kouklewsky at 514-983-3358. After the Noon Day Service there will be coffee and pastry in the Church auditorium. All are invited.

ТНЕ SACRAMENT OF CONFESSlON COMMUNlON Confession is heard every Sunday morning at 30 minutes before Liturgy.

VISITING SICK - Please note that Fr. Volodymyr is visiting parishioners in hospitals and nursing homes on Wednesdays. If you know of any parishioner or you would like him to visit you, please call him at 514-947-2235 to arrange a time.

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90th Anniversary of our Parish


ANNIVERSARY BOOKS – are available to be picked up on Sundays from 12:00 – 1:00 pm in the Parish Hall.

Current Photos of Parish Life

2018 Easter Palm Sunday, Good Friday and The Lord's Pascha

2018 Christmas | Kutya

Easter 2017 Palm Sunday | Good Friday | The Lord's Pascha

Cathedral Choral Workshop October 21, 2017

Lecture series at St Sophie's October 22, 2017

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CD in Honour of the Words of Metropolitan Ilarion

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